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At Knewton, we believe that technology has the potential to transform what’s possible in education. Personalizing learning for the world has been our mission since 2008. From performance to price, the status quo just isn’t good enough. We dare to do more: Design the best adaptive technology that delivers lasting impact to put achievement within reach for all. Knewton is for everyone. But above all, it’s for you.

Alta: New for higher education

Alta: New for higher education

Alta is Knewton’s newest product for higher education. Alta is a complete courseware solution that combines Knewton’s expertly designed adaptive learning technology with high quality openly available content to deliver a personalized learning experience that is affordable, accessible and improves student outcomes.

All of the instructional content needed for a course — including text and video, examples and assessments — is included in each alta product. Alta is now available in multiple courses in math, statistics, economics and chemistry.

alta for Instructors alta for Students

Alta: New for higher education
College and university partnerships

College and university partnerships

College and university partnerships

Putting achievement within reach means making sure all students have affordable and accessible course materials that make an impact on learning outcomes. Get the most out of your course curriculum and inclusive access programs by including alta. All alta adaptive learning products feature secure and turnkey integration with any learning management system and comply with WCAG 2.0 ADA standards for accessibility.

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